Management Team

Simon Berry Co-founder and Director / Lead Engineer

Simon is responsible for identifying and harnessing new and emerging technologies. His mission is to advise and guide our clients on how to break down the barriers between their ideas, goals, and the technological reality of making them happen.

Simon began his IT career creating service desk software in the 1990's and he built upon those early principles of providing outstanding customer support when founding Induti. Simon's industry experience is wide-ranging and his development experience includes both backend and front-end development technologies. Simon is also experienced in the use of Agile development methodologies and is a strong advocate of keeping things simple and maintainable.

"Induti was founded on the principle of building excellent relationships with our clients and we can do this because our real advantage is the depth and breadth of knowledge found within the team. Collaborative working is inherent in everything we do and as a company we all strive for the same target - to make great software for our clients."

Andrew Osborne Co-founder and Director/Lead Systems Architect

Andrew manages and develops the Induti product suite and provides valuable input into UI design, process workflow and database architecture/performance. Before founding Induti, he spent over 15 years managing and developing a portfolio of enterprise level systems including the national HR and e-recruitment solutions for all junior doctors in the NHS.

Andrew studied Mathematics at the University of Sheffield and has been developing software since the early days of the Commodore 64.

"I believe that Induti offers a one of a kind service - we provide an inclusive framework to clients that enables them to achieve their ambitions whilst delivering real value in the software we create."